Vagrian Beliakin is the younger brother of Yoshuk, who is a T-2 at Sef Tower. Coming late into his Talent, due to it's emergence from a near fatal accident, Vagrian is the strongest measured in a latecomer.

Being one of the senior wardens of a large game preserve on Altair, Vagrian was accompanying a big group of hunters as well as a current female companion. They were on the fourth day of the week, and its third rainy one, when he led them carefully up a steep slope to a narrow valley he knew was the home of a large enough "bear" clan which needed to be culled. He had his charges spread out across the slope because he was well aware of the dangers of mud slides in those hills. Unfortunately a hunter fired at an avian and the sharp crack was all that was needed to set the ground moving. Wishing to save lives and alter the treacherous moving mud Vagrian tapped into his Talent for the first time.

Personal Info Edit

Vagrian like his brother is considered very attractive, he also knows it and uses his looks to charm men and women alike.

Vagrian is a T-2 with strong kinetic Talent with short range telepathy, send and receive. His mental touch is red/acerbic/pepper.

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