Federated Teleport and Telepath, FT&T for short, their business is to send or 'port people, goods and ships through out the galaxy, to get this done they build Towers.

Every planet the Alliance has a settlement on or expand to FT&T is there to build a Tower and make communication and transport easier.  A Tower is run by a Prime/T-1 or by a few higher Talents usually T-2's, since Primes are rare, and a few lower Talents as backup.

When the Rowan first got Callisto Tower Earth Prime Peter Reidinger IV told her to assemble a staff of 20 Talents. Some important positions in a Tower are the:

  • Prime
  • Assistant
  • Station Manager
  • Expediter
  • Engineer
  • Technician
  • Mechanic
  • Yard Master

Some of these positions can be consolidated depending on the size and business of the Tower.

The existing Towers at this time are:

Planetary TowersEdit

Starship TowersEdit