The Wings of Pegasus
Wings of Pegasus Scan
The Omnibus edition cover of To Ride Pegasus and Pegasus in Flight.
The Talent Series
Author Anne McCaffrey
Cover artist Dean Morrissey
Genre(s) Science Fiction
Publisher Guild America Books
Publication date June 1991
Media type Print (hardcover); ebook
Pages 446
ISBN Number Not available
OCLC Number 25986245
Proceeded by Pegasus in Flight
Followed by The Tower and the Hive Series
The Wings of Pegasus, is a large 446 page omnibus book containing the first two novels, To Ride Pegasus and Pegasus in Flight, in The Talent Series, by Anne McCaffrey, written in the years 1973 and 1990, and published by Ballantine Books. The Omnibus edition of the first two novels was published on June 1, 1991 by Guild America Books. The first novel To Ride Pegasus is broken up into sections about 30-53 pages from one another, while the second novel Pegasus in Space has chapter after Chapter with now titles for the chapters except for its numbers.


It began with a preordained encounter-between Henry Darrow, who could foresee the future, and Molly Mahony, a nurse whose healing powers went far beyond her training. Together they proved that certain people were born with remarkable psi abilities that could be used to benefit society. And together they founded the Center, a gathering, living, and training place for their fellow Talents.

The Center's precogs, telepaths, empathsm and telekinetics shared their gifts freelym helping to prevent crimes, to avert tragedies and disasters; too often their efforts were met with suspicion and fear. Recognizing that the Talents would need protection when the excerise of their powers aroused the antagonism of frightened or disbelieving people, Henry and Molly had spearheaded legislation to insure the legal rights of paranormals. Yet legal rights and human rights were not the same, as the Talents who inherited Darrow and Mahony's legacy of ideal's discovered:

Daffyd op Owen, the second leader of the center-a highly gifted telepath who was ready to use every trick at his command to ensure the survival of his people. Amalda, an empath capable of bending thousnds to her will with her projections, yet errified of one man-a man who was determined to gain power of his own...

Peter, a young telekenetic trapped in a paralyzed body, who longed for freedom he was sure he'd find in zero gravity...

Tirla, child of the streets, who would challenge both the laws and the law breakers as she sought tto save herself and other children from an enslavement worse than death...

And Rhyssa Owen, Daffyd's gradaughter, who set out to combat those seeking to draft he rpeople for a space station project which would leave them helples victims of the unshielded thoughts and emotions of the unTalented.

To Ride Pegasus ChaptersEdit

1. To Ride Pegasus...5

2. A Womanly Talent...53

3. Apple...107

4. A Bridle for Pegasus...137

Pegasus in Flight ChaptersEdit


Chapter 1...213

Chapter 2...220

Chapter 3...227

Chapter 4...233

Chapter 5...249

Chapter 6...260

Chapter 7...281

Chapter 8...302

Chapter 9...324

Chapter 10...340

Chapter 11...354

Chapter 12...368

Chapter 13...381

Chapter 14...398

Chapter 15...406

Chapter 16...426

Chapter 17...433