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From the great mind of Anne McCaffrey comes another series, featuring the next stage in human evolution, beings with Psychic abilities known as Talents, who's rare gifts will go from being feared to benefiting society and being highly valued. To Ride Pegasus is the first novel in a series of eight books broken up into 2 separate series; The Talent series with only 3 books and The Tower and the Hive series consisting of 5 books. We are currently in need of people to help us edit, you can start editing now, anyone can edit. This Wiki has 246 articles since October 2012!

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*10/17/2012: Just a simple hello to everyone, as you know this wiki looks bare and it is undergoing some remodling, please feel free nethertheless to contribute, we need this wiki to grow. I will also be fixing the theme of the wiki so it doesn't look so bare and adding an image slider to this main page. Please note, that when you create a page for a page, please add categories at the bottom of the page in order for this wiki to be spotlighted in the future. Thank you and I look forward to seeing this wiki grow!




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