The Talents Universe, is the name of the Universe in which the Talents exist. The very first novel To Ride Pegasus, takes place on Earth in the the city of Jerhattan, New York way past the late 20th century and could quite possibly be in the 21st - 40th centuries. Throughout all the novels in both seies, Talents can be found of various, planets, moons, star ships and space stations besides on Earth.


The Talent SeriesEdit

1. To Ride Pegasus

2. Pegasus in Flight

3. Pegasus in Space

The Wings of Pegasus* - Omnibus Ed. (contains first two novels)

The Tower and the Hive SeriesEdit

1. The Rowan

2. Damia

3. Damia's Children

4. Lyon's Pride

5. The Tower and the Hive

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