The Talent Series

All 3 novels in The Talent Series

The Talent Series (or The Pegasus Trilogy), is a series of three books that are prequels to The Tower and the Hive Series; all three novels are set in the Talents Universe, including those in The Tower and The Hive Series. The novels all take place sometime way in the future, past the late 20th Century and possibly into the early or mid 21st century. In the first novel To Ride Pegasus, the setting is between 1997 - 2013, since Henry Darrow, the main protagonist, said he would die 15 years from the year 1997. Henry is a precog, who can tell the precise date of when he is gonna die, including that of his accident which he did not prevent due to destiny. His destiny was to meet Molly Mahony, a nurse who's healing talent goes beyond the normal healing ability of a nurse, and who would be his future wife. Together Henry and Molly would create the first Center for Talents who would be trained to work in specialized jobs for humanity that normal human beings with no special abilities could do, and these Talents would be protected by law. At the center, Henry uses the wing horse Pegasus, from ancient Greek Mythology, as a symbol for the Talents. All 3 books in the Talents Series, has the name Pegasus in them, to refer to the Talents.

Books in the SeriesEdit

1. To Ride Pegasus

2. Pegasus in Flight

3. Pegasus in Space

The Wings of Pegasus - Omnibus Ed. (contains the first 2 novels)