The Rowan
The Rowan
The 1990 cover of The Rowan
The Tower and the Hive Series
Author Anne McCaffrey
Cover artist Romas Kukalis
Genre(s) Science Fiction
Publisher Ace Books
Publication date August 1990
Media type Print (paperback, hardcover); ebook
Pages 335
ISBN Number 978-0-399-13570-5
OCLC Number 21448140
Proceeded by The Talent Series
Followed by Damia
The Rowan, is the first book in The Tower and the Hive Series by Anne McCaffrey. It takes place 300 years after Pegasus in Space, and involves Talents in space or on other worlds. The Rowan also shares the same name as its protagonist named "the Rowan", since she was found as a three-year-old girl beneath the rubble of a mudslide, after the entire planet heard her telepathically crying for her mother, and didn't know her own name; the people then named her the Rowan.




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