The Beechwoods Estate, was the second and final location of The First Center for Parapsychics, located in the palasaides just outside of Jerhattan. This luxury estate was owned by George Henner, and had been in his family for 140 years, after his death it continued to served as a center for all Talents everywhere. Henry Darrow first approached George Henner in his home back in 1997 and explained to him that he was a Talent due to his gift of being able to tell when the stock market would fall or rise or when a merger would happen. At first Henner was skeptical, but later beleived Henry, when he told him according to The 1998 Housing Act, if the Beechwoods is turned into a religious, medical, educational, or charitable insituation, that it can not be confiscated. Henner was in disbelief since it was 1997 and the act had not passed, Henry assured George that it would pass, and he was right, it did.