"Talent, gentlemen, can include something as simple as being a born mechanic. We've all known or heard of the guy who just listens to the sound of an engine and knows what's wrong with it. Or plummer who can dowse the exact location of a break in water pipes. Or the pyromaniac who "knows" when and where a fire will break out and has so often been accused of starting it; the woman whose hands ease a fever or soothe pain, the worker who knows instinctively what the boss needs, the person who can always find what's been mislaid or lost. These are the people we want to include in our Centers-not just the more dramatic mind-readers and clairvoyants. The Talented are rarely supermen and women, just people who operate on a diffrent wavelength. Employ them in the proper capacity and utilize their talents to your advantage."
Henry Darrow, explaining what a talent is. Pages 18-19[src]

A Talent (or Talents) is an invidual with a rare gift that normal or other humans do not possess, such abilities include: Telepathy, Precognition (Henry Darrow's ability), the Empathic ability, advanced healing abilty to heal anothers injuries or illnesses (Molly Mahony's ability), telekenesis (Ralph's ability), teleportation, ability to find something or someone who is lost/ hidden, also known as a Finder(s) (Barbara Holland's ability), be able to tell what is wrong with a car just by hearing its engine, or knowing what your boss needs before they even say it. Those are just some examples of people's abilities according to Henry Darrow in To Ride Pegasus.