Talavera is one of the planets the Hivers discovered and by passed for some unknown reason and did not stop to colonize.  The Columbia starship scanned the planet and found it suitable for habitation.  A Tower was set up quickly and personnel were teleported in to start building.

Appearance and LocationEdit

Tower StaffEdit

The temporary Tower staff were:

  • Prime                                         -  Rojer Lyon
  • Prime                                         -  Zara Lyon
  • Prime                                         -  Flavia Bastianmajani
  • Expediter                                    -  Jesper Ornigo
  • Engineer                                     -  Asia Eagles
  • Yard Master                                -  Seelbat Buffer

This is the Tower staff that was later selected:

  • T-2 path                                       -  Andy Dumas
  • T-2 path                                       -  Ivy Dumas
  • T-3 port                                        -  Scott
  • T-3 port                                        -  Stuart
  • T-3 port                                        -  Sara
  • unnamed 60 yr old expediter, T-5
  • unnamed young engineer, T-5