Siglen, Altair Prime







T-1 Prime


Siglen was the Prime of Altair at the time of the Rowan Camp disaster. She was a very prickly and dislikable person.

Gerolaman said that there were more medics from the moon to the trip to Altar IV, because she was sick for most of the journey.  She had an inner-ear problem which caused her space-travel difficulties (that is why there is a covered ramp to her Tower and other arrangements) which didn't come up until Jeff Raven who wasn't trained by her mentioned it to the Rowan and the Callisto Station crew on Callisto Station. Siglen never bothered to find out why she had such difficulties with space-travel and believed it to be because she was a T-1. She unknowingly conditioned her T-1 students into not being able to travel through space, which was only broken when the Rowan transported herself from Callisto to Deneb to help Jeff Raven recover from his shrapnel wounds.

Siglen died of a coronary not long after the Rowan returned from Deneb. She was temporarily succeeded by the Rowan. After the Rowan returned to Callisto the T-2s Torshan and Saggoner became the Primes of Altair.

Appearance, Personality and TraitsEdit

Siglen was a very large woman who enjoyed eating and did not exercise at all.  Her taste in furnishings was very girlie, usually incorporating pinks, oranges and pastel colors with frilly materials and dainty furniture.

As a T-1 she was the Prime of Altair Tower and possess telepathy and telekinesis but no empathy at all.