Senator Mansfield Zeusman, is a U.S. Senator and the opposition to both Joel Andres and Daffyd op Owen when they try to get a bill passed for legal protection of Talents; especially the precogs. It is explained in the first few pages of the second chapter in To Ride Pegasus, that Zeusman views the Talents as freaks and is trying to discredit them; apart from that, he has managed to stall the committee for months now and also plans to keep it from getting back on the agenda the next year. Joel wishes the Senator would have a change of heart as well as a life changing experience like he did with his brother who nearly died, thus making Joel a believer in Talents. Joel tries to get Daffyd to make a situation to where Zeusman has an experience, but Daffyd refuses since it is against all morals the center stands for.