Ruth Horvath, is a Talent who first appears in the first few pages in the second chapter of To Ride Pegasus, she accidenlty bumps into Joel Andres while walking down the hall to see Daffyd op Owen regarding his review of her file. Ruth nervously apologizes, and is forgiven when Joel becomes smitten with her, later while in the elevator she tells him she is on her lunch break, which he also say he is too. It is unclear where Ruth and Joel's relationship later lead to as well as what happened to them.

Personal InfoEdit

Ruth has brown hair and grey eyes.  Ruth is married to Lajos Horvath and is the mother to Dorotea and possibly other children.


Ruth possess a few talents, all of which she uses subconsciously.  She has latent Empathy, she is able to block the talent of another and Instinet Miro Telekinesis manipulate genes

  • She corrected the liver problem with Joel Andres
  • Doratea Horvath