Rhyssa Owen
Vital statistics
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Gender Female
Race Terran
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Status alive
Location Center for Parapsychic Talents on the North American East Coast, Jerhattan
 Rhyssa Owen is the Director of the Center for Parapsychic Talents on the North American East Coast.  She is married to Dave Lehardt and they have two sons Chester and Eowin.


Pegasus in FlightEdit

She was tested and trained by her grandfather Daffyd op Owen, her Talent she is able to reach people she has met, so she has met all the Directors of the Earth. She has Telekinetic power she uses to move pencil file code side up, and to connect to her workstation

Pegasus in SpaceEdit

When Peter Reidinger was in trouble during to trip to the Moon she was able to make contact with him.

Appearance, Personality and Traits Edit

Rhyssa has been trained by her grandfather, has black hair, with a sliver streak that started growing in while she was in her teens. By the time she is in her late thirties she will have silver hair.  Rhyssa is nearly as tall as the males in her family and a shade too thin, she prefers elegant flowing garments.  Thought not pretty her features though small were too uneven and mismatched, her right eye socket canted above the cheekbone giving her a gamine expression.  Her nose had a slight bump and her mouth too generous above a strong jawline.

She is hard working, trying to do the best she can for the Talents at the The East American Parapsychological Research and Training Center and later on the ones working on Padrugoi Space Station.  Rhyssa has inherited the full charismatic personality of her parents.