Isthia m. Josh/Jerry Raven

Their offspring (in no particular order): Jeff Raven (T-1), Dean Raven, Ian Raven (T-4), plus nine others

Jeff Raven m. Angharad Gwyn

Their offspring: Jeran Raven (T-1), Cera Raven (T-1), Damia Raven (T-1), Larak Raven (T-3), Ezro Raven (T-1 or -2)

Jeran Gwyn-Raven m. Raini

Their offspring: Barry Raven (T-1) plus several others

Cera Gwyn-Raven m. Unnamed man (last name Hilk)

Their offspring: unnamed

Damia Gwyn-Raven m. Afra Lyon

Their offspring: Laria, (Is)Thian, Rojer, Zara, Kaltia, Morag, Ewain, Petra Lyon (all T-1s)

Larak Gwyn-Raven m. Jenna

Their offspring: Grayhan Raven

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