Ralph "Rat" Wilson


Ralph "Rat" Wilson








Ralph "Rat" Wilson, is a telekenetic in To Ride Pegasus, he is first seen in the first chapter, demonstrating his telekenetic abilities, when he nailed pieces of wood to a wall, and making the businessmen and doctors coffee, one cup black and one with milk; all while using the power of his mind, as Henry Darrow was trying to prove to them that Talents exist. Ralph is a young cocky man, who used to get in trouble with the law when he used his powers to steal, after he met Henry, he changed his life around and started living at The Center, where he honed his ability, he is under the monting of a telepath.  His range  is up to a half mile

Personal InfoEdit

He skinny to the point of emanatio, with a rat like face, slight open mouth, with large gray eyes.

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