Peter "Pete" Reidinger


Angharad Gwyn-Raven


14 Emerged




T-1 Prime?


Early LifeEdit

Peter "Pete" Reidinger was a young man who became paralyzed when a wall fell on him. Because of the accident his Talent manifested and he projected his mind across the city of Jerhattan and found Rhyssa Owen.

A search was conducted to find the him, when he was found at Jerhattan General, and Rhyassa sent Dorotea Horvath, to him. Peter is the first Talent to form a gestalt to enhance his psychic abilities. Peter is telepathic, telekinetic and can teleport at will.

Pegasus in SpaceEdit

He is the original person to set the Callisto Moon,

Personal InfoEdit

He is the husband of Cera Scott


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