See also, The Wings of Pegasus - Omnibus Edition of To Ride Pegasus and Pegasus in Flight.


Dedicated to: "Diana Tyler and Diane Pearson"


Pegasus in Flight, is the 2nd novel in The Talent Series by Anne McCaffrey, that was published in 1990 by Ballantine Books, it continues after the events following Henry Darrow and Molly Mahony's deaths.

Peter Reidinger, a young telekenetic trapped in a paralyzed body, who longed for freedom he was sure he'd find in zero gravity...

Tirla, child of the streets, who would challenge both the laws and the law breakers as she sought to save herself and other children from an enslavement worse than death...

And Rhyssa Owen, Daffyd's granddaughter, who set out to combat those seeking to draft the people for a space station project which would leave them helpless victims of the unshielded thoughts and emotions of the unTalented.


Omnibus Edition summary

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Omnibus Edition chapters, see The Wings of Pegasus


Chapter 1...213

Chapter 2...220

Chapter 3...227

Chapter 4...233

Chapter 5...249

Chapter 6...260

Chapter 7...281

Chapter 8...302

Chapter 9...324

Chapter 10...340

Chapter 11...354

Chapter 12...368

Chapter 13...381

Chapter 14...398

Chapter 15...406

Chapter 16...426

Chapter 17...433


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