It can be attached to a portableEGG machine to read like a Finder, making easier to transport. They used it to show, the effects of a find, Barbara Holland, tracking a subject, or other finds.

Its a light weight mesh net, that matches the Talents hair like Rhyssa Owen to record, EGG reading, at night. when Peter was trying to make contact, Sascha order her net to be bug with out telling her, so she had to send Dorotea Horvath to him. Some folks like precognitive, and clairvoyant, wore them full time.

Its a tool that can record the brain waves of the the Incidents that happen.

When a Precog or clairvoyant, has an Incidents they call into the Center to verbally report what they see.

Sometime it can effect a Talent like, Amariyah Bantam, who had a instinctive level type of Talent, like Ruth Horvath, Dorotea Horvath mother.

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