Molly Mahony


Molly Mahony-Darrow








Molly Mahony, is the wife of Henry Darrow who he foresaw meeting and marrying prior to his accident, which he and Molly knew he could have avoided. Molly is a trauma nurse who examined Henry after his surgery and recorded his EEG scans which were abnormal, during his vision of marrying her, just seconds before he awoke and met her for the first time.

Her grandmother was untrained. but came across case with her 'healing hands', she had become one of the best ICU nurses. She would use her Healer, ability to aid others

Despite being a nurse, Molly is also a Talent who has the ability to heal which is way beyond a normal healer. Molly, takes EEG scans of her own, compares them with Darrow's who's are much higher; and together they prove to scientists and businessmen alike, that Talents exist among the human population.

Pegasus in SpaceEdit

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