Ludmilla Barchenka


Ludmilla Barchenka




Job Title

Space Stations Construction Manger


Building Construction Manger of the Padrugoi Space Station, but she wanted more.

White Coat MutinyEdit

She wanted to become Station Manger not Admiral Dick Coetzer, when she didn't get it, she was so angry, and projected Peter physical contact with her, it was the physical contact plus the fact that the information was so strong in her mind. She'd have been broadcasting as loud, and they used that information to stop her plan and yellow team was darted by General John "Johnny" Greene 'troops'

After being "darted" She had both, the "skullcap" and bald skin under it add as more shielding for one of the say something to the remark no wonder she feel dense Gordan Havers

Personal InfoEdit

She has a strong work code, don't care for Talents, from Russia


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