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Kincaid Dano is a T-2 telepath and telekinetic from Altair who was selected by Earth Prime Jeff Raven to travel with the navy in Squadron D on the Valparaiso. After that stressful assignment he was put at Clarf Tower and has been there since.

Kincaid had a difficult childhood on Altair. At one point, he was in a relationship with a man named Josh, who was killed in an accident. To escape the memories of his dead lover, Kincaid became a naval talent and was assigned to the Valparais'o, where he was caught in a destructive three-sided relationship that damaged him emotionally and mentally.

After almost five years in Squadron D, Earth Prime Raven assigned Kincaid to Clarf Tower, which had need of a T-2 after Clarissia Negeva's departure. Kincaid fit in well with the Tower staff and their 'Dinis, who helped him recover from the trauma he experienced during his naval years.        

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kincaid is described as tall and lanky, not handsome but good looking.

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