Kail Tunele-Roznine


Kail Tunnelle







Early LifeEdit

He was born to a single mother, a resident her Jerhattan Linear G, Flat 87432a. Had Legal ID and later on till it ran out gave Tirla,

His mother Dikia, and her only legal child, till she sold him at ten, the ID active till just before he turned sixteen years, and to show up at an Evaluation Center, Firza, used for two year. then sold.

The other children Lenny and Ahmed along with his mom, died in a one of the immune plagues that sporadically flared up to decimated the Linears. The clean=up was so quickly done that hid mom's death wasn't recorded. She pulled two Subsistence rations, till her Legal ID was cancelled after a regulated medical exam.

Personal InfoEdit

Tirla used it to log into School and Subsistence Issue and weekly clothing.

Appearances Edit

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