John "Johnny" Greene


John "Johnny" Greene







Colonel John "Johnny" Greene is an ex-etop pilot and ex-bodyguard Minder of the Secretary of Space, Vernon Altenbach, who is also his brother in law.  Johnny is married to Senator Sally, has two sons, and is now a General.

Once he understood how he could use gestalt, after saving, David Lehardt, using the power from the sunbeds, he thinks that he used that same ability to save himself during his last Earth to Platform run.

Personal InfoEdit

Johnny has green flecked amber eyes.  Johnny is a telepath and a telekinetic and is able to use gestalt.  He also is a very likable guy with a light joking kind of personality. He has perfect pitch.


He is named after a good friend of Anne McCaffrey who was killed, [1] [2]

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