Joel Andres, is a U.S. Senator who aides Daffyd op Owen in getting legal protection for Talents, he first appears at the first page of chapter 2 in To Ride Pegasus, fighting Daffyd in a heated discussion regarding a bill put forth for legal protection of Talents. Joel beleives in Talents, due to a talent saving his brother from a mine shaft, after almost bleeding to death. Joel later wished his opponent, Senator Zeusman would have a simlar experince, which would change his mind, Joel mentioned the idea of creating an experience for Zeusman, but Daffyd refused. Joel tries to get Daffyd to see reason and wait until they have evidence before warning the public and maybe later he will add the precogs to the bill. With the discussion going back to square one of Senator Zeusman stopping the bill from being passed, Joel changes the subject for their discussion by asking about how the center is doing. On his way with to the elevator while being escorted by Daffyd, Ruth Horvath accidently bumps into him and nervously apologizes. Joel forgives Ruth and becomes smitten with her, she tells him she is on her lunch break and he tells her the same, completing ignoring Daffyd telling him he looks tired; it remains unclear where their relationship led to or what happened to both of them.

Personal InfoEdit

Joel is described as young with dark hair and a muscular body frame.