Jeff Rowan


Jeff Raven






T-1 Prime


Early LifeEdit

Jeff Raven was born on the planet Deneb, a frontier planet in a remote part of the galaxy.  He is the husband to Angharad Gwyn better known as the Rowan, they have five children together, Jeran, Cera, Damia, Larak and Ezro.   Jeff became Earth Prime and head of FT&T after Peter Reidinger IV was forced to retire.

Jeff was born on Deneb to Josh and Isthia Raven, he has 7 brothers and 4 sisters.  Many of his siblings were killed in the attack on Deneb by the Hivers, despite this Deneb is full of aunts, uncles and cousins to the Raven clan.  He is a excellent engineer but comes from a farming family.

When Deneb was contaminated by the Hivers, Jeff called to the Rowan, Callisto Prime, for help, and fell in love with her. Soon after, when Deneb was attacked by Hivers, the Primes from the Nine Star League merged with Jeff Raven to repel the invaders.  

Apperance, Personality and Traits

Jeff is tall with an angular face, a prominent nose below a wide and high brow.  He has a strong jaw, thin lips with black hair and piercing blue eyes.  

He is a T-1 telepath and telekinetic, a Prime.