Henry Darrow (also nicknamed Hank), is the main character and protagonist of To Ride Pegasus. He is a precog and the husband of Molly Mahony, whom he meets in the hospital after his car accident which he foresaw and could have avoided but didn't. He, with the help of Molly, proves that Talents exist and creates The First Center for Parapsychics where all Talents live, learn and are protected by law. Born 1954, he dies (as predicted) on May 12th 2051, 10.52 pm, of myocardial infarction. Henry Darrow was also mentioned in Tower and the Hive when Thian and Clancy discussed what would happen to Talents who transgressed against Talent ethics and morals.

Henry made his living as an astrologer to the rich and famous. He was forty-two years old when his car accident occured. As for his Talent of precognition, Henry can see large events that affect large groups of people unless he is doing a personal reading then he can narrow his focus on to one person.