Elizara or Zara Lyon is from Iota Aurigae and is the second daughter and fourth child of Damia Raven-Lyon and Afra Lyon.  Like all of Damia and Afra's children she is a T-1, but because of her high level of empathy she is a T-1 medical Talent, not a Tower Talent.  Zara has 7 brothers and sisters, Laria, Isthian, Rojer, Morag, Kaltia, Ewain and Petra.

Zara is named after a close family friend, Elizara Matheson, who is a T-1 medic and great-granddaughter of former Earth Prime Peter Reidinger IV.

After completing her arduous training with Elizara, Zara is sent to Squadron B on Flavia's request because of her healing training to be apart of the Talent team there. Once Squadron B comes to Talavera Zara takes turns with Rojer and Flavia to be Prime of Talavera. Once the Squadron is odered to leave the planet Zara is transferred to a research job to help Elizara discover a way to limit the Mrdinis' reproduction rate. Soon Zara takes over the managing of the project and works on Aurigae to solve the problem. She becomes the first human to be allowed access into a Mrdini hibernatory.

Appearance, Personality and TraitsEdit

Zara has blonde hair and blue eyes, and is unusually short for a Lyon or a Raven (but not for a Gwyn). It is mentioned by Rojer that she takes after the Rowan in her physical appearance.

Zara can be very impulsive and determined to get her way, as seen when she steals into the Heinlein Base to save the Hiver Queen's life. In the beginning she is very sensitive and shy, but becomes prone to lashing out and having mood swings once she has her menses. During this period she becomes emotionally empathic towards the imprisoned Hiver Queen, and later saves her life, which confirms her relatives' suspicions that she has too much empathy for a Tower Talent and should train as a medical Talent. Once her menses stabilise, Zara becomes less volatile and less sympathetic towards the Hiver Queen, and seems to feel embarrassed about her previous actions and feelings towards the Hiver Queen.