Earth Tower is the Blundell Cube, a building that houses the headquarters for Federated Telepath and Teleport better known as FT&T.  Housed inside the Earth Prime Station are the administrative and training facilities of FT&T.  The vast opaque cube structure is near the water and has an expansive landing field of cradles of varying size.  Closest to the reception building are single and double cradles, on the edge of the field were the cradles that could receive the largest freighters, passenger and naval craft.  From the sides of the great building you can see transport cables stringing out to the edges of the great portfield and the dewdrop vehicles speeding along them.

Earth Prime is the most important and usually the most powerful Prime, being Earth Prime makes you the busiest and the last defense of the core and home world.  With Earth being the headquarters of FT&T The Blundell Cube is the most protected Tower anywhere, Earth Primes office is a secret location and monitored constantly by heat sensors and firing weapons.

Peter Reidinger IV is the third Reidinger to hold the title of Earth Prime but they have not all held the position in consecutive order.


Prime                              -  Peter Reidinger IV

                                        Jeff Raven

Training and Placement    -  Gollee Gren