Damia's Children
Damia's Children
The 1993 cover of Damia's Children
The Tower and the Hive Series
Author Anne McCaffrey
Cover artist Romas Kukalis
Genre(s) Science Fiction
Publisher Ace Books
Publication date January 1993
Media type Print (paperback, hardcover); ebook
Pages 272
ISBN Number 978-0-399-13817-1
OCLC Number 26503922
Proceeded by Damia
Followed by Lyon's Pride
Damia's Children, is the third novel in The Tower and the Hive Series by Anne McCaffrey, and follows the events of Damia's five children and their allies; the rest of their story is concluded in the fourth book, Lyon's Pride.


Gwyn-Raven-Lyon ClanEdit

Iota Aurigae Tower StaffEdit


Crew on the VadimEdit


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