Daffyd op Owen, is a major character and the third protagonist in To Ride Pegasus who later becomes Henry Darrow's successor in charge of the Center after his death.

To Ride PegasusEdit

In To Ride Pegasus, Daffyd op Owen, calls up Molly Mahony wondering, like all the other people who call the center if they could be Talents, and after being tested proved to be a very powerful telepath. When Molly informed her husband Henry, Henry to her supprise already knew, and stopped her in mid sentence by saying, that Daffyd was Welsh and would in the future take over for Henry, being in charage of the center; since Henry wished he himself was a telepath so he could be able to deal with people better, since that is what the center needs to keep it going. Daffyd first appeared int he last few pages on the first chapter "To Ride Pegasus," which shares the same name as the book. During the last few pages Daffyd attends George Henner's death party and found it difficult to shield himself from all the emotional thoughts of the dozens of people in the room, Molly is described as sympathizing with him since he was not fully trained to deal with all these emotions. Minutes after George's death, Daffyd happily tells Henry that George was happy to die and did not want to win the bet; confirming what, George's attorney just said, Henry is finally relieved that his friend more than enemy was happy to die. By the 2nd chapter, "A womanly Talent," Daffyd is the director of The East American Parapsychological Research and Training Center, and is handling the thoughts and emotions of those around him well, however he gets upset when he deals with Joel Andres in a heated discussion, involving Talents.

Pegasus in FlightEdit

Rhyssa Owen Granddaughter of Daffyd op Owen, recall him fondly