Commissioner Mailer






Law Enforcement and Order
for Jerhattan



Commissioner Mailer, is the Commissioner of Law Enforcement and Order for the city of Jerhattan, and makes his first appearance in the first chapter of To Ride Pegasus. Henry Darrow tricks Mailer into thinking that he has an appointment with James Marshall, so he can be able prove to Mailer that Talents exist. Mailer tries to turn on the lights and leave but Henry tells him he can't not until he proves that Talents exist, Jerry hauls in the Goosegg, which Barbara Holland, is hooked up to. Once hooked up, Barbara uses her abilities to find a dealer carrying a large sum of cash, She then uses her abilities next to help him find his favorite pipe, that can be found in his blue ski jacket hanging in the closet next to his red robe.

Mailer then accuses her of being able to read minds which she denies, she states she only knew this because he can never find his wife nor his pipe, Barbara can only find what someone is thinking about that they lost.

Afterwards, Mailer yells at Henry in disbelief and Henry takes off saying his time is valuable, later on in the chapters Mailer believes Henry that Talents exist and later on had contracts for many Talents at The Warehouse, Barbara is one so is another finder Even attends George Henner's death party by the end of the first chapter.