Clarissia Negeva


Clarissia Negeva





Telepathic/Telekinetic T2


Clarissia is a T-2 who was sent to Clarf as Laria Lyon's second, she was replacing Stierlman another T-2 that did not work out.

It turns out Clarissia was very xenophobic and being stationed on Clarf, the Mrdini homeworld, her nervousness and awkwardness around 'Dini was to obvious. Laria kept her around for quite a while not wanting to be difficult or thinking it was her own fault she did not like Clarissia. Once a replacement was found she was sent back to Earth, Clarissia herself could not wait to leave.

When back on Earth Clarissa joined or started a group that was dissatisfied with the running of FT&T by the Gwyn-Raven-Lyon clan. They attempted to recruit Vagrian Beliakin, who was also rejected by Laria, into their group but he realized Clarissa was not good company to keep. Clarissia and two others attempted a coup by eliminated Jeff Raven, Angharad Gwyn,Gollee Gren, Elizara Matheson, an Admiral and a High Council 'Dini. They were foiled in their attempt though.

For this Elizara Matheson, had ordered that drugs that would block their Talent to be used.

Person InfoEdit

Clarissa is a T-2 and a far sender from Capella.