Charity McGillucuddy, was a telepath who worked for the LEO office, in the novel To Ride Pegasus and due to her ability when she lived inside The Warehouse with the other Talents, she had to always be sedated because there were too many thoughts around her, Charity later improved when she moved to The Beechwoods Estate located just outside of Jerhattan. Charity also liked to wear mink coats, prefably the blue ranch one, which she borrowed from a store and later bought, Mr. Rambley complained to Henry Darrow about her coat, but Henry just dismissed it saying, it would look bad if a LEO emplyee had stolen it, ad didn't look properly dressed.

Personal InfoEdit

Besides being know for pursuing "an old profession" Charity is also know for her heart of gold and 42-C cup chest.  Charity is also a telepath.