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Unsure if this is the same as in the books.

Tower and the Hive Book Edit

Callisto Tower is a domed facility connecting with a series of domes. Containing the big ship launch area with cradles that range from the single to the immense complex metal one that accommodate large passenger liners or naval vessels.

The Tower it self is only the one raised section that can be termed a tower. The administrative building was compact, three-storied, the only windows wrapped around the tower portion giving the Prime 360 degrees of visibility. Lights under the fascia boards of the roof beamed down on the plantings, counterfeiting sunlight enough to encourage growth since the luminous Jupiter's light did not suffice. There is also a small copse of trees at the back of the terrain-hugging residence off to the right of the Tower complex.

Married personnel have quarters with their own garden and recreations area under their secondary dome. Single staff had two-room apartments plus a large dining and recreational lounge. A well-fitted gymnasium center used by everyone occupies another secondary dome reached by a short tunnel. The Tower facility, small capsule cradles plus the generators, fuel tanks and main water storage was mainly underground with access in a third small dome: the passenger and naval vessel size cradles under a fourth with airlocks and auxiliary tunnels to the main facilities. The Rowan's private residence with its small copse and garden, off to one side of the main complex, was under a fifth, while the main dome offered primary shielding to all. Emergency upright shelters were strategically situated in case of a major strike penetrating the first and second domes, and each living unit automatically sealed and had emergency oxygen supplies for 24 hours: the maximum time estimated for help to arrive from other stations in the system.