Brian Ackerman


Brian Acherman





Station Master Calisto Tower
T-6 'path and 'port


Brian Ackerman is the T-9 stationmaster at Callisto Station. In the early years of the Rowan's time as Callisto Prime, he threatened to resign because he could not deal with the Rowan. He was bribed with a carton of his favorite brand of whisky to stay as stationmaster. Brian and Afra become good friends. 

He is one of the first to meet Afra Lyon at Callisto Tower. His comment was that they grow them tall at Capella, and introduces the Capellan to coffee. Brian is also the first person to physically meet Jeff Raven. When Ackerman is seventy-five years old, he reflects that he has known Jeff for twenty years and the Rowan for slightly longer. 

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