Boris Roznine
Boris Roznine
Vital statistics
Title Commissioner for Law Enforcement and Order
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Talent
Law Enforcement and Order
Health *
Level telepath
Status Single
Location Jerhattan, North America, Earth

Boris Roznine, the twin brother of Sasha, is the Commissioner for Law Enforcement and Order. He used his office to help Peter Reidinger the Talents needed from Padrugoi Space Station via a Talent Mayday a G and H.

As LEO Commissioner he has many officers and Talents to pull from for different situations, some of them are:

He brought the information to Space Authority main office is in Jerhattan that the when what happen to Peter Reidinger and John Greene on there trip to the First Base on the Moon.

Appearance, Personality and TraitsEdit

Boris is a third-generation Talent, he is a double telepath, able to send and receive thoughts.  He is also blond haired and blue eyed. He is able to link with his younger brother Sascha Roznine, when this happen his voice become deeper, via their twin link. Sascha can block things from him.

Appearances Edit

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