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Bardy Alloway-Haley






Bardy is the daughter of Lusena, and the sister of Finnan and foster-sister of the Rowan. Her husband is Jedder Haley. 


Bardy was born on Altair, and was the daughter of Lusena Alloway and the younger sister of Finnan. They lived in an apartment in Altair City. When Bardy was nine years old, her mother became the guardian of the Rowan, a three-year-old orphan who was likely to be Prime potential. Bardy was kind and caring towards the child, as was Finnan. The Rowan joined the family on holidays at Favor Bay and other similar resorts.

When the Rowan moved into the Tower Compound, Lusena went with her. Bardy and Finnan moved away from home, but still kept in touch with their mother. Finnan married eventually and had children. Bardy felt neglected by Lusena, who was focused on looking after her charge. Finnan most likely felt the same. Both of them expressed their displeasure concerning Lusena's job as guardian of the Rowan, and felt resentful of the Rowan for monopolizing so much of Lusena's life.

Bardy married Jedder Haley, and became pregnant. Near the end of the pregnancy, Bardy went into a premature and complicated labour. Jedder called Lusena, who was vacationing with the Rowan at Favor Bay, and told her about it. Lusena came, although with concerns about her charge being alone at Favor Bay. Bardy gave birth safely to twin girls, one of them looking like Lusena, and both babies tested highly for Talent. Sadly, Lusena was killed in a vehicular-pedestrian collision as she was returning to Favor Bay, and this grieved both Bardy and Finnan.

When the Rowan came to the Claimsite for Lusena's interment, she burst into tears at the sight of Bardy. Bardy comforted her, although she was upset as well. Finnan and Gerolaman, the T-6 Stationmaster at Altair Tower, comforted both the Rowan and Bardy. As a family, the Rowan, Bardy and Finnan went to the interment. Both Bardy and Finnan were very supportive towards the Rowan. Afterwards, Bardy and Finnan promised to stay in touch with the Rowan, for they still considered her their little sister.

The Rowan was posted to Callisto Station days after Lusena's death. Bardy and Finnan never saw her again. In the second mind-merge to repel the Hiver from Deneb, Bardy was a part of the Altairian section of the Rowan focus. The Rowan recognised her and welcomed her.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Bardy looks a lot like her mother.


Bardy has a naturally caring and kind personality, like Lusena. Although she resents the Rowan monopolising Lusena, she is too kind to voice it aloud and comforts the Rowan after Lusena's death even when the Rowan should be comforting her.