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Barbara "Babs" Holland, is a Finder in To Ride Pegasus, who first appears in the first chapter of the book, she accompanies Henry Darrow to be his proof to Commissioner Mailer, that Talents exist in the real world among humans. Mailer eventually believes Henry's claims after Barbara is hooked up to the Goosegg and demonstrates her ability to find people and things. Barbara first uses her powers to find dealer Joe Blow (nicknamed "The Joy Pill Man") on the street, she thought he wanted him with dust, acid, or brown joy, who is holding a large sum of cash.

Also then uses it again to help Mailer find his favorite pipe that he lost. Barbara tells him it is at home with his wife, who put it in the blue ski jacket he hardly ever wears, hanging in the closet next to his red robe.

Mailer at first accuses her of being a mind reader, but she tells him she can only read his mind when he has lost something or someone and wondering where it/they are.

She gave him information on the stolen, 'crowd gas', South side feel, white air plastic feeling (not wood or metal), a geographical dark painting on the left hand side.

Personal InfoEdit

Babs is a finder, she can locate anything.  If anyone is worrying about something lost, strayed or stolen she can sense it and where the item is.  Her talent does not work well if she has to locate something in a dark or shadowy place.